New website!

I haven’t been posting for a while because I was working on creating a new blog website! Please check it out and let me know what you think and I’ll start posting more articles again now that it is more or less set up:

This website has been moved to !

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Berrylicious Pancakes

SAM_1609These pancakes are gluten and sugar free, healthy and so satisfying. Perfect for your post-yoga breakfast or as a healthy treat for your weekend brunch!

Rich in protein and minerals, they provide an excellent energy source to refuel after a workout or your morning yoga practice.


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Developing a Home Yoga Practice

SAM_1718For many years I have more and sometimes less regularly enjoyed going to yoga classes. I never had a home practice and, frankly, the idea of practicing on my own at home hadn’t even crossed my mind. I was used to practicing under the guidance of a teacher, not realising what a beautiful way of deepening my experience a home practice could be.

Two years ago I wanted to try to integrate yoga more into my life and to learn more about it. I bought a yoga mat and I stumbled upon Sara Avant Stover’s wonderful book called ‘The Way of the Happy Woman’. I loved her practical approach and in her book she presents a different yoga sequence for each season. I started studying the postures and created my own posters for the different sequences. Equipped with the posters, I started Continue reading

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